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Women want what other women have...

I went to a party of a friend of a friend yesterday. I didn't really know many people there; I started mingling, meeting new people, but because I'm not very outgoing around new people, I was snacking a lot (If you don't understand, then consider yourself lucky). There were a couple of attractive ladies there and I tried to talk to them, but was not able to hold their interest. Then, while I was talking to some guy over the kitchen counter, a gorgeous girl came behind me and draped herself over me... her right arm around my shoulders, chin on my left shoulder and left arm entangled with mine. My best friend and his fiance had arrived and the girl draped over me was the fiance. I'm not sure why she did that, but I wasn't going to discourage her, plus I knew my best friend didn't mind. I hadn't seen the fiance for a couple of weeks so we caught up on recent happenings.

So there I was, leaning on the kitchen counter, conversing with this cute girl over me. It was then that I noticed those previously mentioned attractive ladies starting to notice us and giving me the eye. You know, the eye... that furtive glance, holding eye contact for milliseconds at a time before looking away, sometimes involving a small smile. I told the fiance about this and, on a whim, asked her to start laughing. Loudly. She complied because she's cool like that. I didn't intend to, but I started laughing as well because her laughter was contagious. More people took notice and we staggered off to another part of the house.

After that, more mingling, but something was different. The ladies were more receptive. I was still the same bumbling conversationalist, but they laughed more and talked longer. I can only assume the change occurred in them. And I have heard of this phenomenon before, the phenomenon where a guy surrounded by women is deemed more desirable simply because of the fact that there are women around him. I wasn't surrounded by girls, but I was seen with one beautiful woman and I was seen making her laugh. Yes, I have heard of this, but this was the first time I experienced it. And the effect just snowballed. And I milked it. =)
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