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What's your form of escape?

My form of escape is not alcohol or drugs. It's not running or working out as I wouldn't mind it to be. My form of escape is reading. From the heroic espionage worlds of Clancy and Vince Flynn to the shadowy, machismo criminal settings of Robert Parker, I become a spy or PI for a moment, forgetting my woes. Then I am a powerful sorcerer in Eddings's fantasy worlds and a Wall Street power player in Frey's and Meltzer's high rolling corporate financial novels. And don't forget being an underdog lawyer in Grisham's works or even a child psychologist/detective in Kellerman's popular mystery stories.

My latest occupation is a wizard at Hogwarts, compliments of J.K. Rowlings. Along with Eddings, this is my favorite; there's something about magic and sorcery and the unexplainable wonders that come with it.

For the same reason, my favorite TV shows include Smallville and Charmed. Yes, I watch Charmed. Not just because of Allysa Milano and Rose McGowan, although that is reason enough, but because of the elements of witchcraft and magic. I really truly get into that stuff. It has gotten to the point where when a stupid driver cuts me off or otherwise annoys me, I cup my palm and swing my arm at the car, pretending to throw a fireball a la the demons on Charmed (An upper-level demon, to be exact, since fire throwing is an upper level power).
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